Build innovation to serve
the watchmaking heritage

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Preserve your timepieces with
Digital Product Passports & Blockchain technology

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Enhance authenticity protection with digital passport

Harness the power of blockchain to defend ancestral savoir-faire from counterfeits. Each luxury watch's legacy is digitally certified on blockchain, ensuring preservation and protection for its unique history.
For brands, it's a steadfast guard. For owners and buyers, it’s undeniable proof of authenticity.

Proof of ownership luxury watch
Horae - Marketing, communication, customer engagement luxury watches

Engage with every previous and current watch owners

Ensure every watch owner feels valued in your brand's continuing narrative. Utilize the power of digital passport to build enduring relationships with every guardian of your timepiece, from its conception to the present. Chart its history, appreciate each connection, all while maintaining the utmost respect for data privacy.
Engage thoughtfully, connect purposefully.

Understand the market trends and your customer behaviors

Empower your brand with actionable insights from blockchain. By capturing pertinent data on ownership, after-sales, and behaviors, we unveil the evolving trends and preferences of watch owners. Navigate the market confidently, ensuring your brand aligns with genuine customer desires.Stay ahead, stay informed while respecting privacy.

Horae - SaaS data analysis luxury watch
Horae - After sales services luxury watch

Leverage your customer services

Enhance every facet of your customer experience. With the digital product passport, offer a suite of tailored services, from warranty extensions to ownership histories and service records.
Ensure peace of mind with features like theft or loss declarations, all seamlessly integrated.
Cherish your client-brand relationship.

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Build customer experience based on ownership

Our solutions :

Horae - SaaS platform digital product passport luxury watches


Foster authenticity, after sales services and client engagement by creating and distributing digital passports for your products. Simply utilize our unified platform with no technical expertise required.

Horae watch owners mobile application

Web or mobile interfaces for owners

Easily manage digital passports within a web or mobile interface : receive passport or simply transition ownership to the next owner, engage with favourite brands through direct messages, and confidently access all after sales services in one app.

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Embedded Services


Digital Product Passports
Ownership management
Proof of authenticity
Proof of ownership

Protect your

After-Sales Services

Warranty management
Repair and history tracking
Insurance services
CPO sales

Enrich customer

Customer Engagement

Personalized communication
Brand events
Community surveys
Loyalty programs

Connect in
new ways

Data Analysis

Market trends
Client behaviour
After sales monitoring
Web3 marketing efficiency



We look forward to exploring potential collaborations with you, whether you're a brand aiming to transform customer experiences or a prospective partner.

We're eager to listen, work together, and drive innovation to serve the watchmaking heritage.

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